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Online climate strike, plus COVID-19 compliant offline pointer to it. Permanent link


self-made mask

Experimenting in self-made maskad-hoc mask. Permanent link


German ministry of research offering fast-track grants for COVID-19 research related to Sars-CoV-2. Permanent link


Will attend Klimastreik in Wiesbaden 29. Nov 2019. Permanent link


Will attend Kohle stoppen - Klimaschutz jetzt in Köln 1 Dec 2018 Permanent link


Will attend Klima schützen - Kohle stoppen in Bonn 04 Nov Permanent link


Barcamp Renewables der Energieblogger Kassel 26-27 Oct 2017

Will attend Barcamp Renewables der Energieblogger next Thu/Fri Permanent link


Questions on future to Wiesbaden MP candidates

Questions on education, energy, investments, Thu 18 Apr 19:00, I plan to attend. Permanent link


Talk by retired scientist who followed atmospheric science on ozone hole for 40+ years

Tomorrow 17 Apr 15:00 I plan to attend talk by Dr Meixner in museum of natural history Mainz on ozone hole. Permanent link


Data retention demos

Demos against data retentions in whole Germany, amongst others Frankfurt 30 May, Mainz 04 July Permanent link


Judo/Jiu-jitsu performance in Klein-Winternheim on 2014-11-15

On Saturday 15 November at the TV-Halle (Bandweidenweg) there is a public Judo/Jiu-jitsu/Aikido performance by the Klein-Winternheim Judo group I am part of. The occasion is the 25th anniversary of the judo division. Entry (free) starting at 17:00, performance starting 18:00. (web link). Permanent link


MILS CfP + (unrelated) room to let

Recall that I'm working on MILS (Multiple Independent Levels of Security, a design amenable to formal decomposition and verification). The EURO-MILS project is doing a MILS workshop (Amsterdam 20 January 2015 at HiPEAC conference), and you can make submissions now. (Unrelated) I uploaded a video of the room to let at Mainz-Bischofsheim. Permanent link


European Parliament

22-25 May has the European Parliament elections. The best compiled record focusing on digital rights votes that I am aware of is the one at la quadrature du net. Permanent link


Demo for Renewable Energy Policy

On 22 March decentral action day in favor of renewable energy policy (Duesseldorf, Hannover, Kiel, Mainz/Wiesbaden, München und Potsdam) Permanent link


Secure Software Development by Segmentation

The first EURO-MILS public deliverables are out, including a formal specification of a generic MILS separation kernel. Moreover, on 20 March, will speak in Munich on secure software development by separation / segmentation in separation kernels ("Segmentierung / Partitionierung von Embedded Systems") in the context of the Allianz für Cybersicherheit, Erfa-Kreis "Sichere Software-Entwicklung" (starting time: 12:00 CET). Other upcoming travel in spring will be to Nijmegen and Toulouse.


Moved (a little)

I moved a (little) to Bischofsheim (Mainspitze), another Mainz suburb, close to the Mainz-Bischofsheim train station ( Permanent link


bar camp rhein-main Dieburg

link to bar camp rhein-main Dieburg Permanent link


07 sept: demo against data retention in Berlin Permanent link



Week-end: big Blasum family reunion at Werne Stockum; 04-06 September: in Berlin Permanent link


Avionics Europe

Speaking on EURO-MILS at Avionics Europe on Wed 20 February, afterwards in Munich till week-end. Permanent link


barcamp wiesbaden

barcamp Wiesbaden (#bcrm12, excellent folks and sessions!), lightning talk on hostsharing (slides, pptx, pdf), locate Permanent link


EEG (Renewable Energy Act) at Berlin

The German Wind Energy association invites to a demonstration in Berlin on Saturday. Permanent link


Astronomy at Klein-Winternheim

Since a while I have learned to appreciate the nice lectures and observation sesssions of Mainz astronomical society conveniently taking place in Klein-Winternheim. The next one is on Friday. Permanent link

Sun Mar 18 2012

Avionics and Pho

Visiting Munich for talk at Avionics Europe (talk on Thu) and, on Fri 2012-03-23 18:30, for Pho noodles at Sunrise Asia. Permanent link

Sun Feb 19 2012

Klein-Winternheim Karneval procession

Detail from Klein-Winternheim Karneval procession ... Permanent link

Sat Aug 13 2011

EU consultation on open access

There is a running EU consultation on open access. already had reported on it (if you google for the link then you also find some other links referring to it; it was also mentioned in the last EDRIgram). Deadline is 09 Sept 2011. Permanent link

Sun July 10 2011

10 megatrends in energy policy

On wednesday 13 July 2011 16:15 there is a talk on "10 megatrends in energy policy" at Mainz university by Friedbert Pflüger that sounds interesting. If I can make it, I'll try to attend. Permanent link

Sun June 12 2011


Recommending Sunrise Asia a Japanese sushi + Vietnamese Pho restaurant in Munich Neuhausen (opened by a friend once studying together with me). Iodine-free salting also available on demand (some people have incompatibilities against iodated salt). Permanent link

Sat Feb 5 02:06:23 CET 2011


En route, visiting FOSDEM this year. Permanent link

Tue Oct 13 19:26:24 CEST 2009

Frankfurt, Munich, Paris

Planning to be at Frankfurt book fair where on Sat 17 Oct: this year guest country is China, and e.g. in the early afternoon Wang Meng will give a talk. In the evening I will be in Munich Allach (WG party). Some time during 25-30 Oct I might be in Paris (the RTCA meeting is that week). Permanent link

Tue Aug 18 19:23:07 CEST 2009


... enjoying the good warm temperatures (though I still envy the 35oC of Nagoya), and the plums ripening on the hills. September itinerary: 12 Berlin Freedom not Fear demonstration, 15-18 September Hamburg, Safecomp, perhaps a bit of Thuringia in between. Permanent link

Tue May 26 22:54:25 CEST 2009


Quick (not very personal) entry: I'm still busy in the Verisoft project, see e.g. here. There was also int erest for safety and security aspects in Japan. My coworkers will present at SSV Aachen 22-24 June (I also will be attending at least part of the time). A subsequent assignment will be SAFECOMP Hamburg (15-18 September). If you are in Europe, please remember to vote for the European Parliament in June, especially for digital rights issues there exists a nice collection of voting records. If you are in Germany you also might consider signing this petition against indexing and blocking of internet pages. Permanent link

Tue Dec 23 18:25:58 CET 2008

Autumn and winter

Since August I have been rather sessile: the furthest movement to Munich and the Alps. I was hoping for a friend from far for Christmas, but the visum has failed :-(. BTW, I bought an old Renault R5 car (I am not using it much, so just let me know if you want to borrow one). Part of the code verification my coworkers and I am busy with at work will be presented at Embedded World (Nuremberg March 2009). Permanent link

Tue Jul 29 22:38:21 CEST 2008

Back to the countryside

It is the first time I have been staying in a place with pop < 5000 and to speak with Feynman, there is a "plenty of space at the bottom", it is an interesting community - I enjoyed the atmosphere at the European Football Championship where significant parts of the village were assembled at the Hofkerb house. Now many people in the village is busy with farming (in particular, it is cherry picking season and the wheat gets harvested). The really nice wine (Riesling, Portugieser, St Laurent to name a few) of course is still under production.

I'll be off for a vacation for two weeks in among places the first time visit Zittau (between Czechia and Poland), to peek into an organon course ca 09-16 August. (Not I will be the participant.) Permanent link

Mon Mar 24 15:59:07 CET 2008

Back to Klein-Winternheim

Time passes quickly ... Once I became a bit more familiar with Nagoya, the project (as expected) ended and I had to return to Klein-Winternheim. The week before Easter I took off on a Seishun 18 kippu (the Japanese multiday equivalent of Schoenes Wochenende) and walked a bit in the Kiso Valley (Gifu/Nagano), by train passed Matsumoto and Hakuba (Nagano, a lot of snow there), Itoigawa (mountains + sea), visited a Chinese-speaking friend in Kaga (Ishikawa), and from Nagoya went home via Beijing (where I had some very good jiaozi at a friend and his family, incidentally Chinese-speaking too but that is a less noteworthy attribute in Beijing than in Kaga perhaps ...). Other highlights in Japan were the Tokyo/Spring 2008, the Tokugawa Art Museum (visited twice ...) and the Hokusai exhibition at Nagoya Art Museum, a nice lecture on solar cells in the German-Japanese society, and dear NBUG thanks for the soobetsukai with shiro. If you want to have German food in Nagoya, the Pilsen is not bad. As always, some more personal details are omitted here for privacy. BTW, recommended for anyone in Nagoya in August 2008: Open Source Conference Nagoya Sat 09 August 2008, 10:00-17:00 in the Nagaya Shiritsu Daigaku (I don't know whether it already has a web page). Now it's back to Klein-Winternheim (snow here) and back to work. Permanent link

Tue Jan 8 22:34:09 JST 2008

Crossing the East China Sea over Shogatsu Yasumi

Resolution over new year (after having seen many old friends): communicate a bit more often (at least more often than every 10 years). Let's give the nanoblog program a try. Before raising too high expectations: this will remain low-frequency and short (but hopefully slightly more often than every 10 years, maybe one time a month or a quarter).

The obvious topic is a report on the travel over Japanese New Year ... The itinerary I did over the Japanese Shogatsu Yasumi was Nagoya - Hiroshima - Shimonoseki - Qingdao - Xian - Yangxian - Hanzhong - Guangyuan - Chengdu - Shanghai - Kobe - Osaka - Nagoya, ok some of these were very short stops ...

I saw many interesting persons in many places, both unknown before and known before (thanks to everyone in Sichuan, but also in Qingdao and Shanghai ...). Without wanting to go into to personal details, let's say (I mean that in a positive way) that the 10 years I had been out of China suddenly felt a lot less than that.

With the places it was different: arriving in Chengdu the bus driver announced Chengdu now had 13 million inhabitants (o.k. some of this was done by adding small suburbs that had previously been out of the city area), and with pride I must say that I did not recognize the city very much, so much has changed. A very minor random encounter on the road, but I like to put down it here was with a couple working in the Qingling mountain preservation area, they have done a quite good job at preserving the panda (and, as a Sichuan Univ professor later told me, also the Qingling crane).

On the Japanese side of things, it was nice to see a bit the more Mediterranian vegetation of South Japan, whereas visiting the Hiroshima Genbaku Koen (nuclear explosion memorial park) deep in a cold December night (one is alone at that time) gives some more eerie feelings about the fragility of the human condition ...

It is the first time I saw much real water in Asia (China had always been inside) and while I had been swimming some times in autumn on some Japanese sites all this was rather short. - Given the sometimes strenuous official relation between China and Japan, it was a very nice experience to go the way via ships (although I seem to have caught a bit of a cold one the retour way): one meets Chinese of all sorts who like Japan and Japanese of all sorts who like China. Permanent link