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AU: 向世山Xiang Shishan

TI: 佛学对人与自然关系的体认:兼及佛学环境观与环境生态学的比较The cognition of the relationship between human and nature - on the comparision of Buddhistic viewpoint of environment and environmental ecology
CS: 四川省社会科学院哲学所,成都610072
SO: 气功与环境Qigong and Environment, Chengdu Sept 94 (48-50)
PY: 1994
MY: buddhist worldview: organic worldview (as opposed to subject-object dualism)
holistic/pantheistic: "华严经"华藏世界所有尘,一一尘见法界;"一花一如来,一叶一世界"
cosmos as a conscious entity; transcedence (animals;man;spirit; so man is part of the world and should respect the animals
differences between buddhism and ecology:
subject: (ecology)man at top of food chain;(buddhism)man part of world
method: (ecology)natural and social science;(buddhism)organic spirit
aims: (ecology)ecological equilibrium;(buddhism)good world,good man
function:(ecology)restore world man has damaged, but not questioning man's greed in a deeper sense;buddhism: demanding modesty from man
(comment) this criticisms are true if environmental protection is seen as end-of-pipe activity

AU: 晓阳Xiao Yang
TI: 二十八万人的签名280,000 signatures
SO: 气功与环境1994(Sept)56-57
PY: 1994
MY: on a green (colour) signature cloth for saving the earth and man's future biosphere, 280,536 persons (more than 80% from Heilongjiang, where also 20,000 trees were planted)